A Jewel of the Dressage Ring: Jules Anderson Wins World Equestrian Brands Tack Matters Award

Wellington, FL (March 8, 2015)– Howling winds couldn’t slow down the competition at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival during an unusually blustery day. The riders and horses went down centerline even with the less-than-stellar weather conditions, and they looked exceptional while doing so. Jules Anderson and her mount, Beatrice, managed to make an impression in the ring and were awarded the World Equestrian Brands Tack Matters award. The award is sponsored by World Equestrian Brands, the U. S. distributor of world-class, high-performance products including the popular brands Amerigo, Vespucci, E. A. Mattes, and Equilibrium. The Tack Matters award is presented in recognition of the use of quality tack and style in the show ring. “The sponsors of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival are really excellent. This award was very unexpected and very generous,” Anderson beamed about the recognition she received from World Equestrian Brands, which sponsors the Wellington, Florida show series.

“I was riding Beatrice, and it was her first-ever competition,” said Anderson, “So I’m really happy with her performance.” This may have been the Trakehner mare’s first time into the show ring, but there will be many other chances to show off the beautiful horse since Anderson is planning on staying in Florida for the rest of the season. “We’ll stay in Florida and continue training. Then I’m looking forward to producing some FEI level horses,” said Anderson of her plans once the season comes to a close. Anderson is looking forward to the near as well as the distant future as she prepares for the rest of her time at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. “We love being here and are looking forward to the weekends when the weather is going to be better,” Anderson says, expressing obvious excitement about her upcoming rides.

Beatrice is owned by Teamwork Dressage, which is a facility based in Jupiter Florida. Teamwork Dressage is a full service training facility where both Anderson and her sister, Libby Anderson, work to train horses up to the FEI level. The company’s mission is to provide a caring learning environment for the horse and rider, while at the same time concentrating on a rigorous training program designed to promote excellence in the ring.

World Equestrian Brands strives to provide trusted, quality brands for riders’ tack uses. “A stylish dressage performance has to be a complete package. To perform at the highest levels, horses and riders need the equipment that can provide a technical advantage,” said the president of World Equestrian Brands, Robin Moore. World Equestrian Brands pays particular attention to their customer service needs. The company hires customer service representatives who are also riders; thus ensuring that the representatives have the personal experience to back their knowledge when helping customers. For more information about World Equestrian Brands’ fine products, visit www.worldequestrianbrands.com.

Photo: Jules Anderson (middle) wins the World Equestrian Brands Tack Matters Award at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival


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