Dressage Training

Lesson Fees are for each rider: 45min-lesson includes about 5 to10-min theory.

Theory is the discussion of classical riding principles and the training pyramid and
how they apply to the harmony between horse and rider.

Haul-in lessons welcome.

Please give at least 24 hours notice for a lesson cancellation or you will be charged for
the lesson.

  • Continuing dressage Instruction for all ages.
  • Horsemanship from the ground up.
  • In training the rider, the most important point to remember is that only a rider with a correct, relaxed, balanced seat is able to give effective aids.
  • A rider has to learn on a trained horse how to ride an advanced movement and to develop a feel for the movement. In the end the horse is the teacher.
  • All riders must all learn to groom and tack-up the lesson horses as a part of the 45minute lesson time.
  • All Dressage and Gymnastic Lessons are 45 minutes includes 15 minutes of theory. This is the discussion of classical principles applied to the work done in the lesson.

* School horses available *


Each      Four       Eight          Ten
Private Lesson:                                                   $65     $230         $475       $550
Semi-Private Lesson:                                        $50     $190         $380       $450
Group Lesson & Quadrille                               $45     $160         $355        $420

Training programs: Each program can be tailored to the specific needs of horse and

For the Horse only:
Training under saddle per ride         $65
Lunge schooling with tack                  $35

1) 20 Training sessions, 5 sessions each week   $800
2)16 Training sessions, 4 sessions each week    $560
3) 8 Training sessions,   2 sessions each week    $280

Horse and Rider Training Programs:
(Includes, blanketing, lunch, Semi- private Lessons and training sessions under saddle)

Program One: $750 / 20 Total sessions.

  • 3 Training sessions & 2 lessons each week

Program Two: $675 / 16 total sessions

  • 2 Training sessions & 2 lesson or
  • 3 Training rides & 1 lesson each week

Program Three: $500 / 12 total sessions.

  • 1 Training session & 2 lessons each week

Program Four: $320 / 8 total sessions.

  • 1 training session & 1 lesson each week